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This theory is an addition to the previously stated theory about the alt timeline being a temptation written by Dimitris M.

Quite a few different times, Mib has promised to different losties that they will be able to be with dead people. We know now, for a rule, that dead is dead. So what Mib is really promising is a transfer to the alt timeline. There, Sayid will get to be with Nadia, Claire with Charlie and Aaron, Sawyer with Juliet, and Richard with Isabella.

This is the temptation. Mib is offering his hand to send everyone on the island to the other timeline, leaving him free to leave the island and destroy the world. In the other timeline, mib has already been freed by the destruction of the island and is just waiting for the losties to get stuck in that timeline to take over.

How do I know that an explosion of the island would free mib, and not kill him? Because in the hatch, they were pressing the button to stop the nuclear explosion on just the island... but supposedly saving the world. This is because if the Nuke fully exploded, Mib would be free and destroy the world. So there, Mib is free, and just waiting to strike.
This is where Desmond comes in. On the other side, Desmond has to convince everyone to go to the real timeline. His "sacrifice" is the same one that everyone else must make- give up the alt timeline.
I also think Hurley isn't actually seeing dead people, but people from the other timeline who have come to save them.
Here's an idea: Mib can not go through water because it is reflective. I don't believe we've ever seen him with a mirror. we've seen several situations where reflections lead to transfer of timelines. Mib cannot transfer timelines because then he would start corrupting the world on the other side and he can't do that yet.

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