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Why Kate isn't a Candidate by pauldrud12

Just an FYI, New to the website so If my theory has been posted before, I apologize.

As I was reading theories and articles on "Lost" I found myself wondering why Kate wasn't a Candidate. I went through all the obvious solutions: she is a woman and the island seems very male-centic, she is, however noble, a former criminal, etc. etc. etc. I realize these are stupid reasons so I continued to ponder, and I started wondering what made Kate Different? I started re-watching season 1 and it came up on me quick.

All of the candidates indirectly chose to come to the island. They may not have known it but, for example, Jack made a choice to go pick up his father's remains in Australia even though he did not want to, everyone chose to get on Oceanic 815. That is, except Kate. She made no conscience decision to get on the plane, she was boarded bound by her captor. As I saw her struggle to get out of her handcuffs it made me think of another person who was brought to the Island against his will, Richard Alpert.

It is a little out there but my opinion is that with Jacobs death, Richard is now able to leave the island or die. Jack will take Jacobs Place (I have other theories on why I think Jack will be the one) and he will choose Kate to Live with him on the Island and be the "advisor". Just to be clear, I am not completely in support of this theory, I am really looking for some fresh perspective on it so comments are appreciated.

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