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We all continue to struggle with the flash sideways and their applicability to the current timeline – that is a credit to the writers of the show and the depth of our imagination. But if we think this through logically as many have in these theories, then everything points back to the Dharma days of Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and more importantly Faraday for when the change occurred. Others on this Board have alluded to this and have built theories around Desmond’s return to the island. Based on Widmore’s loss of his son (Faraday), Desmond’s return and his history of mind time travel, Widmore’s assistant’s search for energy pockets, Richard’s new found determination to stop MIB and the events that transpired in the flash sideways, then the logical conclusion is that Desmond, Widmore, Richard or Sawyer will develop a plan for one or more of them to mind travel to the point in the past when Sawyer and te! am first arrive in Dharmaville and one or all of them will cause the destruction of the island and the death of MIB/Smokie by the island’s sinking (by Jughead, or other means) in 1973.

Faraday and Desmond have viable nexus points as we have seen. Desmond needs to get a message to Faraday, perhaps when Faraday knocks on the hatch door, as we saw when Faraday passed on information to Desmond about contacting his mother. Desmond needs to plant the seed in Faraday about what will happen, has happened and what he must do in the past in 1973 to sink the island. Remember, Richard was ready to destroy Dharma until Sawyer told Richard about his past meetings and restored peace. Once Desmond tells Faraday what must be done in 1973, then Faraday could carryout the plan as soon as he arrives in 1973 and not wait 3 full years to come up with a plan to set off Jughead.

So, Faraday arrives in 1973 with the knowledge that he must see the island evacuated and the island destroyed. What will be the result if he succeeds? If we believe that all the passengers lives were inextricably intertwined as evidenced by the many connections, then here are a few of the changes that would point to the current sideways universe as the surviving universe:

• Jacob never touches any of the candidates. Since I believe the touch has not really helped them in their lives, those lives would change dramatically (the only gap here for now is Locke and his father and why that relationship developed).
• Dharamaville is evacuated and most survive – think about Ben leaving the island, Ethan and Miles being born off-island. Alex is born in California and not on the island.
• Faraday does not die by his mother’s hand.
• Widmore leaves the island with no vendetta or grudge.
• No purge.
• No 815 crash.
• No Locke death.
• And on and on.

Why did Juliet think “it worked?” Because she could see her existence off-island – a life where she never knew the island or Sawyer. An existence where she will have to meet Sawyer for the first time (an event that will likely occur very soon by my theory).

While there are a few unanswered questions from this theory, I welcome your comments and suggestions, as to me as this (or a variation) is a “logical” way to view the mounting evidence.

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