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I was gonna leave this one alone because i thought it was kind of obvious, but with all the discussion about why Desmond ran over Locke, I think it is finally time to put this matter to rest.

1) Desmond did NOT hit Locke out of revenge. Desmond is not consciousness traveling between the 2 timelines in the way he has in the past (see The Constant). He only has a feeling, bits and pieces, some instinct that has drawn him to certain people from flight 815. He is not living both lives simultaneously in one mind. His actions are not retaliation for his recent "well-toss" at the hands of MiB (though the mirror image, eye-for-an-eye is a nice tie-in). He does not recognize Locke as the evil MiB in the ALT. ALT Desmond knows him only as John Locke, passenger of flight 815, and a target for his "Mission: Realization Initiative" (Trademarked).

2) So...why DID Desmond run over Locke? Simple. To help Locke see the light. His intent was to lead Locke to have the same realization he had. It worked for Desmond; it worked for Hurley; and now Desmond has his sights set on John Locke.

My theory is this. I think that Jack will now operate on Locke in the ALT, at first to save his life. But in the process, he may also correct his broken back/spine, giving Locke the ability to walk once more. The moment he awakens, Locke will look down at his feet, wiggle his toes (parallel to the pilot), and begin to see/feel memories of the moment he realized he could walk on the island, and then successive memories about his adventures walking around the island, etc. Phase 2 of "Mission: Realization Initiative" (Trademarked) accomplished! (Hurley was Phase 1)

Hurley, check.
Locke, check.
Jack and Kate, check (love again, bleh).
Sun and Jin, check (probably something to do with Sun's pregnancy).
Sawyer, check, as Desmond will somehow arrange for or get lucky enough to get Juliet in the same place at the same time as Sawyer so they can meet, rekindle, etc.
Then, Jacob's...I mean Desmond's list is complete and so is the setup for the FINALE.

To what end and what they are supposed to do next is anyones guess, but for sure, his only intent is to help the characters to remember; to get the feeling; and for not vengeance.

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