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Lost = Jacobs-MIB game by LostInLost

Jacob-MIB/Smokey/Flocke Rules

1. Both are immortal entities. (I believed MIB and Smokey were different entities, but after what happened in this season it seems to be they are the same). This is inconsistent with Isabella-Richard-Smokey sounds scene in the Black Rock, but this is LOST!!!! If later turn out to be different entities, then is Smokey who is in the ATL as Locke and MIB just return home, whatever this means.
2. Jacob brought people to the island to prove MIB the “goodness” of the human race.
3. Jacob can’t interfere directly with the people.
4. MIB goal is to lead (not force) someone to really desire to kill Jacob, and Jacob can resist if that happened.
5. Jacob marks (touches) people as candidates for the next rule.
6. If Jacob is killed, MIB have a limited time window to escape the island leading the candidates to help him get out of the island.
7. Meanwhile Jacob is reborn as a kid and grows to be a new adult Jacob, time’s up for MIB.

Game board (Alternate (ATL) & Original (OTL) timelines)

1. ATL & OTL is a two-tier game board.
2. ATL is life as it would be if MIB escapes the island.
3. What’s wrong with the ATL? Nothing, is just another version, but because this is only a Jacob-MIB game they use people as pieces in a backgammon game making them to believe they have a mission. As long as Locke is not Smokey, otherwise, Smokey out of Locke may means of the world in the ATL (keep reading please).

Game pieces

1. Candidates are to accept or refuse to help MIB escape the island.
2. Normal people are to be convinced to kill Jacob for MIB, or are lead to leave in harmony by Jacob’s prophet (now it is Richard).
3. If MIB don’t escape the island, one of the candidates is selected to be Jacob’s new prophet (Richard’s substitute who now desire to die).
4. Desmond is like the queen in chess (can move in all directions any number of spaces). Widmore, is trying to redeem himself in front of Jacob bringing Desmond to prevent MIB escape by attacking him in his weaker form (Locke) in the ATL knowing that his weakness will “bleed” in the ATL MIB/Flocke. (Physical weakness in the ATL and maybe a reactivation of Locke conscience in the ATL may force MIB/Smokey out of Locke body, ala Voldemort in HP who is lookin for a body to gain full strength).
5. Widmore & Eloise are the only persons that seems to know of the existence of the ATL. They were the “hostiles” leaders” so maybe they were enlighten by Jacob through Richard of the consequences of the game, however they don’t know the details.
6. Widmore, looking for power (not love) maybe is afraid of what the ATL is (that’s why he is a different Widmore in the ATL) but Eloise, through the constant of love (to his son Faraday) has become able to be really conscious of both TL and desires to correct his error of killing his own son, knowing the ATL is not much different from the OTL.
7. Desmond is conscious of both TL because of the effect of the EMP on him when the hatch explode.
8. I'm expecting a scene in the ATL where all the Losties and "freighties" that Desmond make to remember the OTL will be visiting Locke in the Hospital. I expect that Jack & Juliet (doctor in the hospital), Jin and Sun (because of the gunshot), Charlie (who initiated Desmond in the flashes in the ATL), Faraday and Charlotte, Desmond & Penny, Sawyer (as an agent investigating the gunshot), Kate & Claire giving birth to Aaron maybe. By the power of the “love” they made Locke remember the OTL and expulse MIB/Smokey. Not being aware of the consequences (good or bad) that this may represent.

Summary – Humanity is only game pieces for Jacob-MIB game and the TL is the gameboard. LOST is not a humanity-centric series. Next chapters will show if Widmore/Desmond plan of attack turns out in MIB destruction or reclusion in the island for the game to start again or if he simply managed to have a living as a human being after centuries of reclusion in the island. Or maybe, if Smokey is not MIB and can only live in a human body out of the island, this may lead to Smokey return to his violent nature and destroy humanity. This is something maybe only Jacob and MIB (assuming he is not Smokey) know

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