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What's in Widmore's Crate? by lexieultra

This is my first theory so please be kind. "The Package" was a fantastic episode. Desmond is one component of Widmore's package, but also there's that big crate they are carrying through the jungle. With some deduction we might be able to guess what's in that crate. First of all we know it's not a person in the crate. The crate does not have an obvious design to carry anything living. No air holes or other indication there is a person or animal in there. Also Widmore's human component of "the package" was revealed to be Desmond anyway.

No animal in there for the reasons mentioned above, plus nothing jumped out when the crate lid was opened. There could be a sedated animal in there but there is nothing to take us that direction. (By the way, sedation plays some important part in Lost. The multiple spiked orange juice scenes mentioned in other theories. Sub passengers need to be sedated when arriving or departing the Island. Desmond appeared sedated on arrival. There is some connection between unconsciousness and the bleeding across time lines. All those darts. etc. etc.)

So let's establish that it is an inanimate object of some sort. It's light enough for a few people to carry. It does not come close to filling the whole crate. When the lid was lifted there was a lot of empty space at the top. Whatever it is appears to require a buffer of space around it.

Its an object important enough that the show used it as a cliffhanger. OK, it's obviously some sort of device used to defeat MIB. It's not more sonic fence pylons. We have been shown lots of those.

The object in Widmore's crate is likely some sort of device designed to capture, contain, neutralize, or otherwise control the electromagnetic energy on the Island. It's too small to control ALL the energy on the Island, but might be used to manipulate it in a localized area. For all I know it might even be a trap to contain the MIB, though the obvious reference to Ghost Busters will be too cheesy to let that one happen.

We know that Widmore has been tied to Keamy and Woo-Jung Paik previously therefore Widmore is certainly tied to the ALT events in "The Package" as well as the obvious on-Island events we've been watching. I think Widmore understands the way the Island works well (he funded Faraday's research), and he knows about ALT and Island timelines. Chuck Widmore knows that what he is influencing in the ALT is affecting events on-Island, and he is orchestrating events in both time lines. I think Widmore's device is somehow used in bridging the two time lines, which we now know bleed into each other.

Widmore's attack against the MIB is much more calculated than any gun fight we've seen before on the Island. I think Widmore is going to mess with the energy source that drives the MIB, and might even harness the energy to fight his side of the coming war.

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