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This is my first post....

I began watching Season Five again.
What I noticed in "Because You Left": Everyone wears black.


The whole episode, and the time off the island, has a darkness about it. Similar to the alternate 1985 in Back to the Future II. A Bizarro type reality.
There is no brightness (aside from Hurley's orange prison garb).

What if by leaving, they went into a reality that was ruled by MIB?
Even Hurley says "We should have never left that island!"
What if they merge into a reality ruled by darkness, hopelessness?

The Oceanic Six were supposed to go back to the '70's with Sawyer et. al, but broke the rules and left, thus creating a blip, and an alternate reality where everyone has a horrible life. Jack is a drunk, Hurley is in prison, Sayid is murdering. (Well, Kate gets away with murder, but even that is ridiculous).
They live in a universe where they have failed to contain MIB. By going back to the island, they are returned to where they were supposed to have gone, in order to negate the reality from which they just came.

**Credit goes to Lostpedia and ABC for the images

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