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Now I understand that this sounds completely absurd, but just here me out. As we all know, Jacob is refusing to let the man in black from leaving the island because if he leaves then the evil that the island has concealed within it would be released.

In "Ab Aeterno" MIB tells Richard when hands him the knife that Jacob or the devil stole his body. This made me very curious into thinking that what if the form that he's in in this episode, as well as the opening of "The Incident" is not his true human form? What if the form we've been seeing Jacob in isn't really the true form of him either. I believe that That Jacob is using MIB's body as some sort of vessel.
Also when "Ab Aeterno" aired it's sort of strange that MIB refers himself of being human once which means that he must have became the smoke monster long before the black rock destroyed the statue. Which is very strange that he talks as if he was from modern day times. This is when that I started to think that he could quite possibly some one from the future.
The reason why I've gotten to the point of thinking that this mysterious person from the future in my head could be Aaron is because I originally had a theory that Jacob could be Aaron from the future. Does anyone think its strange that Jacob sort of looks like Aaron as an adult? Its seems like they casted the actor of Jacob to look like an adult Aaron. But now since MIB says he stole his body basically seems like he could really be Aaron.
Also the main reason why I believe that MIB is Aaron is information from "Recon" when MIB is explaining to Kate that he had a crazy mother which made grow up to be the so called "bad guy". Then he ends his entire monolog with "Now Aaron has a crazy mother too." That's when my jaw dropped and thought wow that could be like a major hint there.

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