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"Read Like an Egyptian" by ProgLOSTicator

Okay so I just thought of this while responding to another post. I don't remember reading this anywhere, but if I did I apologize.

Why would Jacob only communicate with his people through lists and notes? Why was he weaving a tapestry in the foot of the statue? Simple, Smokey can't read.

That's why Jacob only communicated through writing. If the message was ever intercepted nothing would be lost. I believe that's also why he wove the tapestry. He knew Ben would enter and read the tapestry and that Flocke would not. Secret message? I think soooo. Insert insert your favorite "Ben is Conning Everyone" theory here.

Now here's why I think Smokey can't read. There are two possibilities:

1. Smokey is Egyptian. He can only read hieroglyphics.

2. Smokey is unable to read written words because of something to do with his being an evil spirit. "In the beginning was the Word...", that kind of thing. Many people have used words against evil spirits, both written and spoken. Maybe Jacob knew Smokey wouldn't try to read any of his lists because it could contain an incantation that would harm him. Maybe he can't speak or understand Latin because it is the official language of the Catholic Church. See where I'm going with this?

I really think Jacob is using Latin and the written word as a way to communicate secretly with his people. It may be no secret to us, the viewers, but against the illiterate or to those who don't speak Latin it would work perfectly.

This could also explain why Jacob has learned so many languages over the years, to sort of thwart any counter measure of the same ilk that Smokey might take. Just as Smokey learns the language he is using at the time Jacob switches to another language that Smokey doesn't know. Always keeping one language ahead of him.

I believe it is something similar to the second scenario above but I would love to hear people's thoughts on the subject.

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