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Time Lines Converge by thelamppost

I believe the time lines are going to converge. I believe this is why Sun, after hitting her head, was unable to speak English. Her counter-consciousness in the ATL and she are converging.

To explain what I mean by counter-consciousness I will have to remind everyone of the events that transpired in The Constant. Desmond found himself jumping from 1996 back to present day. But it wasn't his body that was jumping, it was his consciousness. This was further explained when Faraday showed Desmond his experiment with Eloise the rat. In other words, the first flash-sideways we saw were Desmond's flashes in The Constant.

My theory is based on the ATL being not physical, just like Desmond's travels through time. The entire world was affected by the explosion of the hydrogen bomb on the island in 1977. But it was not a new universe that was created, it was a mass split in consciousness. That doesn't mean the ATL is not real. It's very real, but it cannot stand on it's own. Without the reality we've grown to know and love, the ATL could not exist. It's unstable for this reason. It's like a thin branch, but when it falls, it will converge with the main time line.

In the ATL John is not dead. When the time lines converge, John will re-inhabit his body. The question then becomes, what happens to Smokey?

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