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This is how it Happened. While Christian and Claire were in Jacob’s cabin (working for smokey or being smokey himself) Christian asked Locke to move the Island. Ben did it instead of Locke and this caused the Island to start skipping in time. Since Locke didn’t move the island he had to make sure that he told Locke he had to die so that he could use his body when he was brough back to the island. While travelling back in time Faraday saw the Jughead. While the losties were travelling in time Charlotte died. Smokey knew this would drive Faraday crazy and that Faraday would try to change the past to get Charlotte back. Smokey also wanted the losties back in the island because he knew how broken Jack was and that he would try to change the past. Also, letting Eloise know she had just killed her son would have her help out in trying to change the past to get her son back. Eloise always knew about the future beca! use she kept Faraday’s diary so that is how she knew about Desmond having to go to the Island. Finally, Christian helped Locke get off the Island again. That served smokey’s purpose to have Locke die. That is how smokey was able to kill Jacob and get ready to go to the alt timeline. Desmond will stop this somehow since he’s able to get people in the Alt timeline figure out their other timeline life. This will be the end of the Timeline and hopefully of smokey.

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