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Oh Check This Out, Desmond's Quest by Locke4God

What is Desmond up to?

First consider that we have seen ALT flashes for the main losties + Ben, all of whom are alive. All alive except for Locke of course.

Now Desmond in the ALT seems bent on showing them the reality of the Island time, and he's going to do that through their connections of love. Perhaps he'll do that through near death experiences, but either way he'll show them.

So Jack, Kate, Hurley, etc. will get a chance to see their Island lives, and who knows what they do, BUT, what happens when Locke sees his?

Who is it that's trapped in Locke's body?

What happens when Island Desmond realizes who Flocke really is?

I say Desmond is going to meet Flocke and his ALT self is going to get John to see "reality". But then Desmond is going to realize that the way to beat MIB is to get ALT Locke to reclaim his on Island body, and since MIB is stuck in that form, he won't be able to run from it.

That's Jacob's true counter move. Wimdore knows it. And Desmond with his unique ability to leap times, is the only one who can make it happen.

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