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I was just re-re-re-watching Walkabout, the scene where Randy exposes John's plans to go, John defines it for him. "A Walkabout is a journey of spiritual renewal where one derives strength from the earth and becomes INSEPARABLE from it."

We have learned that MIB is the Black Smoke, and cannot travel over great distances of water. Well, until Jacob died anyway, point being that the definition Locke gave for a Walkabout could loosely tell the story of how MIB got his job. Follow me here?

Also in this episode we see John display not only knowledge but skill and experience with Boar tracking and knife throwing. As the series continued, we learned that the life of John Locke didn't seem to include such specialized talents. He lived a mundane, sad, lonely life. To me it always seemed unrealistic that he would have had those skills. So now what I think we were seeing were the skills of MIB inherited by John Locke. That's not all.

(This part is a lot of speculation)
So John goes into the jungle with Kate, and Micheal to get a Boar. He tracks it just fine but when they catch up to one, it charges at them and gets Micheal good on it's way out. Locke is then temporarily paralyzed. I think at that moment MIB left him. Really what I am thinking is that Jacob gave John the gift of life, but did not heal him entirely with his spine snapped and all. This was a gift Jacob did not intend on taking back, or at least I assume. Anyway, MIB then gives John the gift of being able-bodied once again. In John's time on the island we see John temporarily paralyzed numerous times. There-in lies the difference in their spirits. Good VS Evil.

The difference being that Jacob just gives and MIB pulls back and seems to toy with Locke's emotions much more. We know that his tactics are more "hand's on" than Jacob. If we put aside the speculation about who is "good", I just have to say to me it is pretty obvious that this season we aren't seeing any deceptions by the producers. Why? Because time is literally running out. I think this season people are done lying, so we don't have to speculate who is good and who is evil.

(Back to earth)
That same scene in the break room when John gives Randy the definition. We hear that damned typewriter in the background, and that same sound coming from John's own typewriter. Sound familiar? Smokey must have a typewriter.

One last recall to the episode previous; Tabula Rasa. So John also knows how to whittle a dog whistle? That is another strange hunter-gatherer trait that John does not seem to possess, yet he does. We had no idea for quite some time what he was his entire life, hence the foreshadowing of MIB being present in him. That is what he feels as the island, but at that point has no clue he is possessed. Long before that you remember the look on Richards face when young John Locke picks the knife? That was the first clue, (albeit out of sequence by about four seasons of our viewing) that John was never exactly who he was supposed to be. I mean he drew Smokey at age 7!

Also I think Locke being the one who MIB focuses on because the similarities between them. John and MIB both have crazy mothers, and John has been manipulated his whole life. I think what Jacob is doing with MIB, good or bad, is a form of manipulation. John is sick of being told what to do. Same goes for MIB.
That infamous look we see at the very end of Tabula Rasa was showing us the face of MIB showing through, not Locke.

They aren't going to rehash all of this on screen but hopefully this was really some of that planted knowledge we always thought existed early in the series, if so then D&C and J.J. are twice as genius as they were before!

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