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I’m new on this Lost thing. I’ve read the previous 5 seasons scripts and I’m actually watching the final season. I excuse if my theories may be found a little weird but it’s something I realize after reading your theories.

My theory is based on the “fact” that we don’t know for sure that MIB = Smokey, no one has seen it transforms. And because we saw Richard’s dead wife at the same time we heard the monster sounds we can “assume” it is MIB transformed in Isabella’s body.

So, I think there are 3 entities in the game, Jacob, MIB & Smokey.

When Jacob explained the cork/island analogy to Richard it was weird that he put the cork and turn the bottle upside down, kinda preventing that something from above (Heaven) spill over the ground (Earth). This make me think about other theories about the final Heaven judgement I read here. Maybe Jacob is preventing these to happen borrowing time for humanity to prove that it is worthy of salvation (Sodoma/Gomorra style). If Jacob were making a devil/hell analogy I thought that a champagne bottle blown its cork and spilling its content from the bottom up would be more appropriate.

So my theory is that Jacob is not dead (just transform like Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars) and I agree that Jacob let Ben kill him because Ben really desired in his heart to kill him, and maybe the rules prevent him to resist been killed, after all his body maybe only a disguise to a spirit. Jacob and MIB are both gatekeepers and MIB believes he proved that humanity deserve to be punished and needs to leave the island to allow Smokey escape and do its job. That’s why Jacob wants a substitute that really believe in his heart that humanity deserve to be saved to prevent Smokey from escaping. This lead me to believe that Hurley will be the substitute because he believe in his father even though he leave him as a child and only return for his money, also he is the only one with supernatural powers (talking to dead people). Kate kill his (step)father, Jack judge/betrayed/was afraid of his father, Sawyer lived looking for revenge, Sun betrayed Jin, Jin & Sayid killed/tortured ! people. Jack is my second candidate because he is always trying “to fix things”. Maybe ha can fix Jacob absence.

The need for Flocke (MIB or Smokey?) for the 6 candidates may be that for him to leave he have to convince them to help him to escape from the island without killing or imtimidating them (I thinks that the fact that Flocke didn’t force Sun to join him support this).

I believe Smokey is an analogy to the spirit of death that kills the egypcian babies when the Pharaoph didn’t let the isralites leave when Moises ask him. This spirit didn’t kill the Israelites babys because their home were marked with a sign in the door, so is like Jacob marking the candidates when he touch them so Smokey don’t kill them, the same way it haven’t kill Richard.

I believe the presence of signs from many ancient cultures means that they are not really many religions but different manifestations of the same religious principle. I don’t believe people from different places were brought to the island and that they built the temple(s)/statue(s). I believe this may be the “training center” for religious leader from ancient times and that Jacob & MIB talk about his mission in Earth and show them what Smokey was capable to do if he was allowed to escape, so after their training they sent them to preach the way they think best fit their people.

Some theories here are bases in that MIB is also looking for a replacement. I think he just want to return to his “home” after mission accomplished. Maybe MIB think about the humanity the same way the Pope who ordered the crusade against the cathars when he was ask about how to differentiate the cathars from real Christians. The Pope answer “kill them all, God will differentiate them” or something like that. So he don’t care if Smokey kill people worthy of salvation among the majority of the humanity that deserve to be destroyed.

If Jacob/MIB are “agents” from the creator/God I don’t believe he really cares about humanity. After all, if God creates this world/humanity, and we believe there will be a final judgement, maybe this the way the writers wants to illustrate it. There is nothing that prevent God to create others worlds/humanities and send others or the same Jacob/MIB/Smokey trio to accomplish the same mission until he find a world/humanity worthy of salvation instead of being LOST. Maybe the FS time line is another world/humanity in which neither of them is a candidate and they live “normal” lives.

I believe Jacob is not corrupt because he make Richard talk to the losties (not the actuals but thorough time) in his name. After all, losties all have die and maybe they couldn’t realize that he stays younger and don’t age, that is the only extraordinary aspect of Richard. Richard is maybe some sort of a local prophet. I assume MIB can transform into dead people bodies and can make believe losties that he can resurrect people. This is certainly an advantage for MIB, so Jacob just maybe used Richard to preach to local people to avoid that one of them really desire to kill Jacob. Apparently, some persons lie about talking to Jacob but he didn’t interfere because, as a rule, he can’t influence the free will of the losties.

Finally, I have a question. The final season is based on the consequences of the “Incident”. Assuming the incident is the explosion of the bomb, and that the consequences are that losties return to his own time (2007). This incident was forced to happen by Faraday that was in the island in 1974 as part of Sawyer group pretending they were in a boat looking for the Black Rock. Assuming that Faraday accept the offer to leave the island in the sub, where did he go? His mother was a hostile and was in the island with his father (Whitmore). He returned to the college he was to teach in decades after? How he ended as part of the DI? Was the technology in the 70’s advanced enough to make an experiment and demonstrate time travel?

Now that Widmore and Desmond are back I think that Widmore wants to use Desmond time travel capacity to prevent Jacob’s death, not necessarily to defeat MIB or Smokey. I think Widmore plan is to send Jin with Desmond to Jacks group to help him and Richard to control MIB or Smokey. Otherwise, why didn’t Widmore himself send Desmond to Jack? I believe he is using Jin rescue as a sign of good faith considering that, obviously he kidnapped Desmond to bring him to the island.

Excuse my English, and if there are “facts” (not assumptions) I’m not considering in my analisis they are welcome.

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