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What if when we saw daniel crying at the 815 flight on the ocean that was a scene from the alt timeline. he says he doesnt know why he is crying, just like jack didnt recognize the appendix scar, but he does know. what if the flight on the ocean floor is the Ajira plane from the island and heres how it would get there. I believe when Richard takes the group to the plane, that will cause the death of most if not all of the Losties. Why? Because he is taking Lapidus to the plane, the only person who can fly it. Maybe everyone gets on the plane or is forced on and MIB makes Lapidus fly it. But all hell breaks loose on the plane ala Con Air and it crashes. Remember when they found the plane on the ocean floor and the news said Lapidus was the pilot. Well, everyone thought it was flight 815 and we all know Lapidus wasnt the pilot on that flight cause he overslept. However, if it was the island Ajira flight, ! Lapidus would be the pilot and would be found dead. Oh well, blast away.

Also, a few random thoughts. We all know LOST is based on Stephen Kings books, but few have mentioned Kings book the Talisman. The main character is a boy named JACK SAWYER who can travel between the real world and an alternate one (which I think we will see Desmond do). Whatever happens in one world, something similar happens in another. The alt world in the talisman is the nexus of all alternate universes (sound like the island?) and the bad guy in the story is trying to destroy the beams that connect all these alternate universes to the alt world, those destroying everything (Flocke?).

One question that comes to mind after seeing good ole atchy last night. When he first met Locke, he said that was not the Locke he knew because that Locke was a great man. Knowing what we know now, what could Patchy have meant?

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