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In "The Package" we saw something new, as far as I can remember: a character acquire a "pre-island" characteristic (from the OTL) in the ALT--namely, the origin of Mikhail's lost eye. I think this suggests that as some people have saying, the ALT is happening BEFORE everything in the OTL/Island, which may be on the verge of dealing with an "unleashed" MIB.

I've just gone back and reviewed Mikhail's original appearances back in Season 3--http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Mikhail_Bakunin !)--and it seems like everything there was set up for us to pay attention to this.

For the time being M1 = Mikhail from the OTL & Season 3, & M2 = Mikhail from "The Package."

-- M1 says that he met Locke "when he was para--"; Locke is paralyzed in the ALT, & since we haven't seen a Locke/Mikhail meeting, presumably the ALT is the only place it could happen;
-- M1 was, maybe uniquely, "recruited by a magnificent man," and "In "Through The Looking Glass", Ben whilst speaking to Mikhail states "You have always been a loyalist" (http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Mikhail_Bakunin/Theories). Because he has been directly in contact with Jacob?
-- "At Ben's request, M1 opened a live off-island video feed from Richard Alpert in Miami, showing Juliet that her sister Rachel and Rachel's baby were both alive and quite well, and then cut the feed when Ben told him to." this is pretty clear confirmation that Richard, Ben, the Others, *and* Mikhail are all on "team jacob," and always have been, even though Ben has been very carefully manipulated by Jacob (because Jacob needs Ben to kill him???)
-- M1 is the communicator, & can already stand between Island and off-island in a free way (watching his monitors) that we haven't seen anybody else do;
-- M1 provides no explanation for his missing eye, which is surely a pretty big detail to just put there for no reason;
-- contrary to some earlier theories, M1 does not appear to have been on The Black Rock;
-- we don't know much about M2, and Keamy's association with Mr Paik does not necessarily imply M2 is some kind of criminal; the only thing we know is that he speaks "something like nine languages," much like M1
-- speaking/translating from Korean in OTL just became important, so maybe Mikhail is about to turn up again on-Island

Other than the Desmond flash at the beginning, and of course other than the mirroring things that are definitely happening between ALT and OTL, this possible connection between M1 and M2 is so far the only place where it looks like ALT might be the PREcursor to OTL in some sense.

In other words, when the island sunk and the Dharma intiative went away (from Ben & his dad), MIB was released, whose apocalyptic consequences we're about to start seeing, & some time before that M2 answered the ad and was "rescued" from ALT by Jacob (we know Jacob was watching ALT in Lighthouse), & THEN became M1--all of which would explain his relatively calm/knowing attitude back in Season 3--maybe he has already seen the world end and history get "reset" BY the loophole which Jacob is now using to deal with MIB, BECAUSE he got out in the ALT.

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