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I call it the "Retcon" theory.

Under this theory, the Alternate Universe is a "mirror", a creation of MiB to trap the candidates so that he can escape the island.

At some point in the near future (island time), maybe in one of the last episodes of the series, MiB will find a way to trap the candidates in a simulated universe where 815 never crashed. He does this because in doing so, the candidates will have no knowledge whatsoever of the island, and thus will have no need or want to be Jacob's replacement, and if there are no replacements for Jacob, MiB can be free.

The reason why I call it the "Retcon" theory is because this is not really a new, alternate universe that has always existed parallel to the main one, nor is it one that diverged from the main one during jughead, making everything before that event the same in both universes. Nope. This universe is an artificial construct that begins right when the viewer starts watching it, meaning that everything that happened before seating on the plane is false, a construct, implanted memories. In short, a retcon created by MiB.

We see the Losties looking closely in the mirror and we see bleeding between the universes. This is probably because the AU was created recently and the people in it are not fully integrated to it. With some convincing, they might be able to return to where they belong (the island).

In LAX, we see Desmond briefly entering that universe close to the point of its creation, and I believe he is there to snap the Losties out of it, to help them get back to the island.

I believe MiB will fight Desmond and Widmore for that very reason; to prevent them from helping the candidates get out of the "mirror".


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