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The point of being afraid by WhereTheDynamiteIs

"What is the point of being afraid?" These are the words Desmond tells Locke just before Locke throws him down the well in Everybody Loves Hugo.

The way the line was delivered, and the way Desmond acted throughout the episode reminded me of another iconic line from this season. "Good to see you out of those chains, Richard."

Just as that line came back in Ab Aeterno, I've got a hunch that in an upcoming episode, we may see a conversation with MIB and another familiar character where that character tells MIB exactly what Desmond said to Locke at the well. The words "What is the point of being afraid" will come back to us before the season is over, and give the scene between Desmond and Locke an entirely new meaning, and make us realize what, or who, Desmond really is.

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