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My Thoughts on the End by sachinidiot

I've been forming this theory for a while now, and I'm surprised that no one on this site has posted a theory along the lines of what I'm thinking (if I'm wrong, feel free to demoralize me in the comments).

My theory involves the Man In Black leaving the island, the results of that act, and the idea that once people in the island universe are dead they "cross over" to the sideways universe. I know that theorists have been pounding this idea into our heads lately, but that's not all I have to say.

As we saw in episode 6x12, "Everybody Loves Hugo," the remaining Candidates have headed over to the Man In Black's camp to supposedly talk things over. And as the Man In Black stated earlier in the episode, he needs ALL of them together to be able to leave, probably for the same reason that they needed to be together to make it back to the island in season 5. Why this is so, we don't know yet, but let's just say for now that big things are possible when Jacob's Candidates are together.

So, as I said, there will be conversation. There will be enlightenment. The Man In Black will finally explain what the hell is going on, as well as tell his story of being trapped on the island and stripped of his humanity. While there is no doubt a good reason for that, you can't help but feel sorry for the guy. How old is he again?

Anyway, the Candidates have heard over and over again that it's "all over" if Smokey leaves the island. Isabella said that everyone will go to hell. However, I believe Charles Widmore's words on the matter are the most accurate; correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure he said "cease to exist." The world, maybe even the entire universe will end for some reason if the Man In Black leaves, if he is free at last.

But here's the deal: he knows about the sideways universe.

This has been teased on several occasions, but none more so than in "Sundown" during his conversation with Sayid in the jungle, about seeing Nadia again.

Jack, on the other hand, has always had a thing for fixing things. At the end of season 5, he was essentially trying to make one reality CEASE TO EXIST to make way for a new reality in which Oceanic 815 never crashes on the island. It worked, but instead of replacing one with the other, two realities forked off starting 1977.

It's a win-win situation, isn't it? Smokey gets to leave and be free, and while that ends one universe, everyone who died is alive and well, just like Jack wanted. 815 never crashed on an island, just like Jack wanted. Only after memories fully bleed through will he understand that he finally fixed it. What he tried to accomplish by blowing up a hydrogen bomb will have been accomplished in another way.

By making a deal with the Man In Black. By Doing his deal with the Devil.

But that deal will lead to his, and everyone else's happiness. As the memories pour in, everything that people experienced on the island will have huge significance in their new lives. We didn't have five seasons for nothing. We had five seasons of friendship, love and redemption so the characters we care about could live in the real world, the right way. That's what LOST is all about.

Or so we think.



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