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My first ever thought into the egyptian allegorical context of Lost first came in fourth season suprisingly even thought the ideas have been introduced earlier. I have created my own theory seeing Lost as a very intricate retelling of the Egyptian Pantheon. People ask why there are so many other references beyond simply egyptian context and for that I can only say it was either to expand the range of lost in being able to include literary references or other mythological elements to hide their end game. The simplest and most direct allusion to Egyptian mythology that seems to explain the plot in a way that directly relates to Egyptian Pantheon is the smoke monster.

Apep is the personification of evil and brother of Ra, the all important diety of the System on par with Jacob. Apep is a giant serpent that is said to reach 16 yards in length, an appropriate size for smokey. Also Apep was supposed to have! a piece of sharp flint at the front of its body. What does flint and smokey have to do with Lost? Flint is a black rock. Nuff said.To relate Apep and the smoke monster to another theory is Taweret. The statue has caused a lot of conversation but if one actually looks at Taweret's story is a eerily similar to Claire's. Taweret was the goddess of fertility and was pictured with an enlarged belly representing fertility and pregnancy. This sounds like someone we see in the opening minutes of the Pilot. Taweret's parallels do not end there. Taweret was the concubine of Set, the personification of evil who was a brother of Osiris and a duel aspect of Apep. I believe Ben to be Set in relation to his connection with the smoke monster that is hinted but not explored but that is besides the point. Taweret was once a good deity who was then seen as evil after she was discovered the concubine of Set. As far as Jacob being Aaron there is merit to this. Jacob resides in the statue of hi! s mother similar to him remaining in the womb for the first pa! rt of season 1. This is where the story gets a little out there in its relation to Lost and if you dont already believe this theory from watching Lost very very extensively its a bit hard to take someone's word for it. So ill just give you my theory as it involves multiple characters representing the same entity which was a prevalent idea in Egyptian mythology because of their extensive system and evolution of mythology as local deities overcame others. In a nutshell Claire has a connection with Juliet that may include familial sentiments. Rachel, Juliets sister has a very similar story to Claire's and Juliet is considered to be the fertility doctor who is concerned in making sure women give birth on island. I will make another comparison in that if in fact Ben is a dual aspect of the smoke monster but still retains his own free will in that he is human, his relationship with juliet echos Christian Shepherd posing as Apep and "claiming" Claire for his own. One of the most i! nteresting and literal allusions to this story is that Taweret, considered the concubine of Set, redeemed herself and held Apep/Set on a "CHAIN"! restricting his ability to devour Ra and the Boat carrying the gods through the air which is a very similar story to our Oceanic Crash. Another Egyptian story involves that Boat of related gods crashing out of the sky and being wiped of memory not remembering each other as they tried to survive together. My first ever theory in tying in Lost to Egyptian parallels was that Jack represents the Egyptian God Anubis, guardian of the underworld who is similar to the role that Jacob fills on island. Interesting thing, Anubis's father was both Set and Osiris depending on the time frame. Set was originally a good god but fell from grace after killing his brother osiris. This parallels both Ben and Christian Shepherd. I believe Locke to be Osiris in the relation that he was tricked by Set into getting into a coffin and being shipped down th! e nile only for Osiris to be resurrected and restore order to the syste! m. Sounds similar to dead Locke eh? This theory could continue on for another six pages because this is the main way I personally choose to look at lost for understanding the show in a way that would leave its mark on television history for years to come. How many of us ever thought about the show being a literary allusion while still maintaining its originality. I like the allusion because without it Lost seems like a very chaotic organization of events without any real meaning behind the characters and their roles. If in fact each character is a god and they do live in a loop then we will be able to look at our favorite losties as GODS! people who look act and talk human but have a purpose that extends to the power of a deity. For just a few other comparisons for you to look up I believe Hurley to be the God of the Nile called Hapi, Desmond and Penny to be Shu and Tefnu. Widmore and Eloise to be Geb and Nut. Kate/Roussue to be Bast. Juliet to be Nephthys, Richard the arbi! trator between good and evil called Thoth, Jacob being Ra, MIB being Apep. As far as characters representing the same diety at different times i have matched up Jack/Christian/Desmond/Jacob Charlie/Ben Claire/Juliet/Sarah Alex/Kate/Roussue Carl/Sawyer/Anthony Cooper. Like I said I know for people who dont want the show to be this deep or believe they can pull it off it is difficult to believe but based on the way the show is edited and the stories are interrelated these characters are related beyond just eventually ending up on the island together. As ridiculous as you may think it is this is the way I have seen Lost piece together the best in relating every plot detail and its importance along with the destiny of the characters and their purpose. Hasnt anyone notices this show honestly doesnt make sense as far as character motivation goes. Yes they want to get off and then go back but that is the surface level story for idiots who like to know who Kate will end up with or ! just want to know the end game. The experience of Lost deserves a close! r examination and I believe the writers have hidden it perfectly. Let me know what you think.

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