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Since the simplex concept behind the whispers was revealed, I had been skeptical that that was all there was too them. I just re-watched "Abandoned" (Season 2), and the whispers are heard by Shannon/Sayid and then Walt appears. If the whispers are those who have died on the island who cannot move on, how can the writers explain Walt being alive off island, if he was one of the whisperers?

In addition, Michael tells Hurley that he is correct in saying they are stuck on the island because of "what they did." Ummm... why is Isabella stuck there then? We clearly watched as Richard Alpert's faith was restored because Hurley was able to communicate with Isabella, but if she died off-island, and did NOTHING that we know of to have been confined to the island's grip like those who have 'sinned.' What had she done to deserve being stuck on the island like someone like Michael, who killed Libby and Anna Lucia in cold blood? It doesn't make sense.


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