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Ok so by now everybody probably thought about everything possible, but i would still like to mention 2 things.

1. The loophole:
I think that there were two things keeping MIB on the island -
Jacob - his..."Boss" and the ElectrMagEnergy - his.."Job".
Some way back time ago, The MIB was forced to be the "security system" for the island under jacob "supervision". someone made him an *unseparated* part of the EME, Thus allowing him to become The Smoke monster, and protect the island whenever they need him (Like when Ben called him after keamy shot alex.)

With john locks arrival, he finally found someone he can manipulate into creating the loophole for him.
He sent him to the Donkey wheel, and by doint that, he eventually got what he wanted - Jack on the island, in the 70s.
He knew that locke was going to bring the 6 back and he knew they were going to go back to the 70s (he maybe even was the one responsible for them to be the only ones from the ajira to "land" on the 70s).
And most importantly - he knew that they would feel guilty for leaving their friends behind and try to do something to save everybody - like stoping the incident that caused everything.
Now after the ajira landing, he knew that while Jack and the guys are neutralizing the EME for him in the 70's, all he needed to do was going to kill Jacob, the only one who could stop him.

The Incident was MIBs first step to leave the island, the first step in giving freedome to the EVIL, and that is why the FST is the WRONG life - Its some kind of punishment for the losties.
the fact that No one Gets to be with their loved ones is a way to show them that things arent right and they somehow have to get together and fix what they did.

2.Don't let him speak to you:
I used to think this was only a warning which means "He can be very manipulative, so its best if u wont even hear him".
But now i Start to think that just as claire said it - if he speaks to you, youre with him.
Just like the Sirens in the greek mythology, MIB & Jacob can bring people close to them just by talking.
Why didnt richard stay with MIB than? cos Jacob was stronger.
What would happen to jack? Obviously he won't stay with MIB, cos He's not reguler, He's...the Chosen one, the Candidate, whatever you want to call him.

But the coolest part about all this "Don't let him.." thing is, That maybe we are starting to see this Happening with Desmond?
Im sure sayid Didn't kill him after they talked, MIB (and us) is still unaware to desmonds powers, if he was, he would probably warn sayid like he warned richard in Ab Aeterno.
Remember in the begining i said Something happend to MIB and he became part of the ENE?
Well, who knows, maybe something similar happend to Desmond after he switched the key?
I bet Desmond is Eqaul in his powers to the MIB now, maybe the fact the he was STILL ALIVE After MIB threw him down a well is an evidence....

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