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The Island of Infertility by Cerberus108

So it occurred to me that the subject of infertility on the island still seemed to be a big mystery. I've read this elsewhere, so this theory isn't totally mine, but I'd like to share it to clear some things up.

1977 is where this all starts. Do away with the notions that Smokey put a curse on the island, or that the statue breaking symbolized the start of this phenomenon. We know for a fact people were born fine on the island up until 1977, as Ethan Rom was born there perfectly healthy and normal (besides acting like the terminator). Also, it's not like people can't become pregnant- they just can't give birth. This occurs during the second trimester as Juliet discovers. If a baby is conceived on the island, the immune system turns against it- as if nature itself were trying to prevent the birth. So why does this happen?

Well, what else happened in 1977? THE INCIDENT! Is it coincidence that a massive amount of electromagnetism occurred during the same year as the pregnancy problems? I'd doubt it. Was this the first time the Losties had traveled back in time and created a whole new timeline? Again, doubt it. We've already seen how their interactions with the past actually caused present day events, confirming that 'what happened, happened'. The Losties were ALWAYS there for the incident, and even helped cause it, as Miles politely theorized for us.

So, is it coincidence that Juliet was the one who detonated the Jughead core, causing the release of massive amounts of radiation and electrons and who knows what else, thus causing the very dilemma that she worked so hard to solve on the island in Season 3? I'll let you decide ;)

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