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The Love Triangle's End by Cerberus108

Warning: This theory is not very in depth and more of a joke. For those who don't give a crap about Jack/Kate/Sawyer, read no further.

For those who aren't scientists and nerds or religious fanatics, and watch the show for the character development and drama, this might interest you. I've read lots of debates over who Kate will end up with- Jack or Sawyer? This triangle has been going on forever, and it's obvious it has to lead somewhere... right? Hopefully this doesn't become another loose end on Lost, but chances are it won't.

So, how to resolve this? Fans of Jack are going to be pissed if he sacrifices himself for the island and leaves Kate to hump Sawyer, and Sawyer fans will be pissed if he doesn't get the girl after all he's been through. Also, Kate fans (the rare breed) might be pissed no matter WHO she chooses? How can they possibly please everyone?

Well, let me remind you there are two timelines people. It's highly possible Kate will end up with BOTH of them, in different realities. If Jack sacrifices himself on the island, Kate could end up with Sawyer; in the alt timeline, Jack could finally get what he wants. The only problem here is he's already married in the alt, but who's to say what could happen?

My point is, this could be a very smart way to resolve the love triangle, because the writers have found a loophole- pun intended- that lets them have their cake and eat it too. Unfortunately, I could care less who she ends up with... just thought some people would like to read this and ponder it :D

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