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My previous post discusses my theory on Locke and Aaron, however after the past two episodes, I feel that I have more info on the matter.

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To sum it up, here were the two main theories I had:

1) I believe Aaron and Locke were switched at birth via Richard Alpert.

2) I believe the Desmond that wound up "not being able to leave the island b/c it's a bloody snow globe" in season 3 WAS ACTUALLY the Desmond that Sayid DID NOT shoot in the well. He escapes, and grabs the boat that Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Claire, take to get to Widmore's sub. Something happens causing him to wind up back in season 2. I think this would explain his flashes... "you're gonna die charlie"...

with that being said...

I believe now that Christian Shephard is the "entity" that is posessing John Locke's body. The Last Recruit has Jack asking Flocke if what appeared to be Christian Shephard in season 1 was him. Flocke pauses, and then answers "yes". Jack's next question does not solidify whether or not Flocke was saying that he was Christian Shephard, or if he was inhabiting Christian's body. This leads me to wonder if Flocke is Christian Shephard masquerading as John Locke.

This also got me to thinking

In THE PILOT (pt 1) Jack not only runs by the WHITE SHOES Christian Shephard was wearing IN HIS COFFIN.
Does this mean that MIB has assumed Jack's body since S01E01???

Jack's tattoo DID say "He walks among us, but is not one of us."

which leads me back to

If (to thwart MIB's leaving the island) Jacob had baby Aaron and baby Locke switched, MIB would therefore be posessing Aaron's body.

I find this interesting especially after "The Last Recruit" because this would mean (if i am not crazy, big emphasis on this), that Christian is posessing his grandchild's body.

NOTE: Before you call me crazy, consider the following-
a)Aaron was constantly "at play" in season 1 and 2.
-meaning that Ethan/Rousseau both stole Claire/Aaron
b)Locke was in the cabin with Jacob (christian) and Claire.
c)Christian told Locke not to reveal that Claire was in the cabin with him.
d)Richard was present for Locke's birth.

Flocke (aaron) leaving the island (without knowing he is in the WRONG body) would then put Aaron into existence TWICE in the ALT timeline. One is still in Claire, the other is in the form of his older in-a-wheelchair self, being operated on by Jack.

Is this why it is very important not to let him leave the island?

NEW evidence-ish?
a)Flocke was carving a staff.
-Aaron threw his staff down in front of Pharaoh and his officials, and it became a snake - Exodus 7:10

When thinking about why Desmond hit John Locke (and Ben only knows his LAST name?) I thought about the movie Dogma. What if MIB is GOD was finally able to assume human form, and then Desmond tries to kill him. What if god died? Is this the incident?

a)god does not have one true form.
MIB has appeared as Locke, Christian, Smokey (still not 100% on this one), but never ONLY one thing. Jacob has ONLY appeared as Jacob (as far as we know)

One last thing. I would find it absolutely AMAZING if "THE INCIDENT" was THE RED SOX WINNING THE WORLD SERIES.
What if the entire series was about them trying to find some way to ensure that this did not happen?

(to quote Eloise - That man over there is wearing red shoes. Just thought it was a bold fashion choice worth noting.)

Now you can yell at me!


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