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Love and Hate is the key by Benjiroman

Hello all,

i apologise if this has been posted before but something became very clear to me after watching happily ever after. Throughout this episode there was a major theme of love, as much as respect and agree theories regarding quantum mechanics and what not there is something that should not go unnoticed.

The MIB wants to leave the island, we have been told that if he succeeds everything the losties know and love will "simply cease to be" this is because the MIB is HATE he in the form of black smoke is hatred built up throughout time all the hatred in the hearts of humanity. If you remember what he said and i quote " Have you ever had someone that you needed to hate" If hate is released upon the world then it cannot exsist. Logically it would make sense to why so many people would devote their lives to this cause, so many candidates not to protect the island but to protect everything outside of it. Please give me some feedback guys.

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