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Another ALT theory by Hugo Freire

First of all, sorry for any grammatical errors. I'm brazilian, so english is not my first language.

After last episode, I came up with a theory about the ALT timeline.
In the ALT, Charlie and Faraday are the only ones who have a feeling that their aren't supposed to live in that reality. They are both dead ON island. (I know about the mirrors and stuff, but I'm talking about a more strong feeling. Desmond felt it too, but he's special).

I think that only who are dead ON island-time has that feeling. And, since Hurley sees dead people, he will see them too in the ALT, and that will be vital somehow.

Locke is dead on island time too and, since he was pretty important, I think that somehow ALT-Locke will have that feeling too, and lead the others (he and Hurley and Desmond) to the "true" reality, because the ALT is "a violation", it wasn't supposed to exist.

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