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I sat back a few days ago and thought about the ending to lost, and I think I have figured it out through a little research and just looking at basic facts. The key idea in this theory is the fact that the creators of the show have known what the very last scene of lost was from even before season one. I also have heard that jack knows as well, although this is not critical to my theory, but it ties in nice:) So first things first I would like to explore the logistics behind something like that.

If it is indeed true that the writers knew the final scene from the the very beginning, I have to assume the following to be true, that the scene must be simple.

I believe the scene would have to be extremely simple due to the fact that no one could predict exactly where the show would be six seasons down the road. The end scene would have to be something very basic, involving characters only present or planned from the beginning as well. This would rule out a character like Desmond having a central role in the final scene based on the fact that he was only originally hired for three episodes in season two. The creators write his storyline after they had planned the final scene, so logic follows that he is not in it, unless of course, the creators have changed the final scene, but for the purposes of this theory we will assume the original pre-planned ending has remained unaltered since conception. Back to the topic, this idea of simplicity would also rule out characters like Ben, who's storyline was only envisioned after his acting turned out so great and he was written a much bigger role in the show.

So I basically played with this concept and thought about the directions lost has taken us in, and I came up with this idea, which I am now convinced is right. (Of course you can argue with me in the comments, but I'll state my case here first.)

I believe that the beginning scene where Jack wakes up in the jungle, and not on the beach with the rest of the survivors, will also be the final scene of lost.

The main reason that lead me to this is the simplicity of it. The creators could have definitely planned this ending knowing it still left them creatively free, as long as they made it all loop in the end. The could add Desmonds and Bens and Jacobs all they wanted, as long as Jack somehow loops in the end. This is the tie-in to Jack also knowing the ending, cause he's the only character in it!

We can look to two places for support, the show and the creators.

The show has given us several things that could tie into this being the final scene. The most obvious being the introduction of several variations of time travel. Time flashes, time jumps, being un-anchored in time, even a parallel timeline! Is it really that big of a stretch of the imagination that Lost is actually just one big time loop?

In the very first episode, Jack told Kate that he blacked out during the crash. What if he didn't? What if he blacked out because of a Desmond-like consciousness time shift? I believe that the scenes leading up to the final scene in the finale will see the Jack from our cycle of the time loop jump into his past consciousness on the original oceanic 815 plane as it's crashing, and events will follow (maybe even involving christian and the coffin) that will lead to him waking up in the jungle, as a new Jack(with no memory of OUR Jack) in a new iteration of the Lost loop.

At this point you have to admit your seeing potential right?

So was I, so I started looking into the creators work on Lost, particularly which novels and movies they said influenced them. Two stuck out to me, Donnie Darko, and The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Donnie Darko has a central theme of time loops, and time course correction. The Dark Tower series, while I won't give specifics, turns out to have a circular story line as well. Other influences the creators have referenced also contain these themes. Why would the creators continually state these time loop themed influence when we have yet to see that on lost. I think the finale scene is just going to confirm this and loop all of Lost.

Just a final add-on and then I'll wrap it up and hopefully get a good comment debate going on :) If you go back to the first episode and watch the first scene of Jack waking up in the jungle, you notice him pull a bottle of Vodka from his pocket. After thinking of this theory I went back and watched it again, and now knowing that this scene will also be the final scene, the vodka bottle kind of struck me as anti-climatic. So my final addition to the theory, although this is just pure speculation on my part, is that Jack will pull something else out of his pocket in the final scene, and it will change or effect him in some small way that the audience will see that maybe in this iteration of the time loop, he might escape.

Thank you for hearing me out, and I look forward to your responses!

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