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I think I have figured it out.

We have two distinct timelines that have all occurred because of the events of Juliette blowing up the BOMB in 1977.
Now the events cause a chain reaction that not only changes time forward, but changes time backward….

So, I will try to explain that the two timelines are a product of the JUGHEAD bomb in 1977.

Timeline A is the island:
Losties are never meant to leave island, so when they did they had to find some way to go back… because they needed be in 1977 when the Island flashed to set off bomb to start Timeline B.

Timeline B is landing at LAX:
Losties never go to island, so there can be no time jumping, no Locke meeting Richard, so no Richard meeting a baby/teenage Locke in the 1950’s/1960’s, and no Losties in 1977, so bomb is never set off to start Timeline A.

Timeline A begat Timeline B which begat Timeline A….

Time line A- 2004 2007
This is what we saw in season 1-4 of the TV show LOST.
It is also what we saw part of in season 5 and 6. the part where Ben, Lapudis, and Sun stayed in 2007 when Jack, Hurley, and Kate “flashed” to 1977.
One thing you have to question is, if in we are in Timeline A on the island in 2007 when Sun asked Richard if he knew the Losties in 1977, Richard said yes.
How could that be if 1977 caused the creation of Timeline B and a DIFFERENT 2007 (which we have not seen yet…remember in Timeline B it is 2004).
Also why did Sun, Ben and all of Ajira not flash to 1977.. well because they were not suppose to be there, and Sawyer, Jin, Miles, Daniel, and Juliette were not suppose to be there either( more on that later)
This proves my theory that whatever happened happened, it always ends the same, and the loop starts again.

Time line B-2004
This is the ALT sideways we see in season 6
The island is under water.
Since we see that Oceanic 815 shakes and shimmies a bit when it passes the island, it never does crash.
I believe the shake and shimmies is felt because the plane still passes thru the islands time distortion, even though it does not crash.
my thoughts are that the island still moves, distorts time, and does all the other things it did before even though it’s under water.
when the plane lands in Lax we are now seeing the events as they would have unfolded without the interaction of DESMOND and the Island.
now you could ask why do all the characters seem to be intertwined with each other in this Timeline? well I think that is because fate is fate, and this timeline started as an aberration.

I believe that the events of the remaining episodes would have taken us to 2007 in this timeline also, with a parallel sequence of events that unfolding and would have culminated with Ajira 316, but with no LOSTIES on board.
the plane would have hit the pocket of energy where the island currently lay submerged, crashed in the water, killing all.
time reboots, thus confirming the loop, and starting the chain of events all over. a reboot so to speak.
again confirming whatever happened, happened.

Beyond the loop… Juliette, Desmond and The Endgame
now I already stated that we have a island 2007 in timeline A that continues past Ajira 316.

because that is now the endgame. it is no longer part of the loop.
the loop ends .

Mrs. Hawking(Eloise) said herself, ”for the first time I do not know what happens next…”
that is because the cycle has been broken and the end is a foot.

Now it is easy to think this is because of MIB and his loophole, but challenge and say that it is because of an unintended consequence and Jacob’s counter action thru his surrogates, so to speak, the new variables in the game.

I think it is Juliette is one. Desmond the other.

See I do not think Sawyer, Miles, Jin, Locke, Faraday, and her were suppose to bop around time and end up in 1977.
I think MIB’s manipulation of events caused this side effect, and the unintended consequence was that Juliette blows up the bomb and not say, Jack.

And she did it out of LOVE and FAITH.

The game is about the willingness to find sacrifice for the greater good, or be doomed to repeat events until such sacrifice can be found.
This is why Jacob says “it only ends once, everything else is progress” and the MIB says I found a loophole, which implies there was a loop of events that he studied enough over eternity to find a hole.

Because the ending is about the willing to sacrifice to break the loop. In every turn thru the loop this never happened, so the loop continued.

Now, MIB found a loophole and I said that Juliette was one unintended consequence. her love and faith to sacrifice herself so Sawyer would never crash on the island breaks the cycle of the loop.
it is the progress to end the game.
Desmond is now the variable that will insure that our side wins it.

A product of Locke and the events MIB set in action, all because Locke stopped pushing the button, it caused the hatch to implode.
Thus creating DESMOND.
He will become the bridge between worlds, and while MIB is trying to end the game by breaking the loop so he can “ go home”, Desmond is going to see the game ended by convincing our Losties to become persons who are also willing to sacrifice for the greater good.
He is the key.
He will show them that there is a heaven, so to speak, in Timeline B and that their actions would not be in vain.

The End Game
So now we are at the end.
we have Timeline A and Timeline B.
since we have been in Timeline A in the year 2007 already, we see how the endgame is progressing.
what we have not seen is Timeline B in 2007 and what it needs to do.
So, with the game a foot the results of the end must be t make sure that the results of Timeline B in 2007 prevents the creation of Timeline A; and the results in timeline B is to deprive MIB of his goals all to insure that Timeline A becomes the true destiny of the Timelines.

This will be done by making sure that the Losties in Timeline B end up going back to the WHERE THE ISLAND WILL BE in 2007 (even if underwater) so they can flash to 1977, find Jughead and blow it up. This still breaks the loop, but…

At the same time in Timeline A, we will see the continuing escapades of MIB and his plan to “ go home”. It will be up to our Losties and pals to prevent this at all costs.
If successful, the results of these actions in 2007 Timeline A( actually becoming 1977) and 2007 Timeline B but will result in the dissolving of Timeline A from existence and preserving Timeline B as the true future and beyond…

…. if Timeline A can STOP MIB!

Seeing how this comes together, we will see how this will be done:

In Timeline B only Jack, Hurley, Kate by taking Ajira 316. the plane will reach the area where the island “should be” and crash into the ocean, killing all… except the ocean will be in 1977 and Jake, Hurley, Kate will survive. they will hook up with Richard, et all and do the jughead thing and BOOM! just like they did in Timeline A.
As for our other Timeline B Losties, well they stayed in LAX doing something else to help the Ajira mission take shape (can’t figure out what it is, but it will be something..) So Everyone else will stay in 2007.

(THIS IS THE REASON WHY ONLY JAKE, KATE, and HURLEY flashed off Ajira in Timeline A in the 1st place!!! This is also why Richard made the comment “ I saw them die”, because in the original Timeline A they were there, but as plane wrecked survivors.
Hurley was probably killed by the others, and Jack and Kate eventually died in together from sustained injuries IN THE CAVE!

Now in this once again altered Timeline, which we will call AB- Hurley and RICHARD explodes Juggie, dying in the process and also causing the island to SLOWLY sink. a mass evacuation takes place. DHARMA and the Others leave, but KATE and JAKE are fatally burned from radiation poisoning and they crawled off together to still Die IN THE CAVE!

In Timeline A we will see how all our Losties (except Sayid and Kate) will work to foil MIB. Ben and Widmore will realize they are on the same side, put away their differences and work together for the common good.

with success accomplished in both Timelines the two paths merge will have the benefit of shared memories and meet those who they loved in timeline A
( Sawyer+Juliette,Daniel+charlotte,Sun+Jin,Desmond+Penny,Charlie+Claire,Miles+Dad, Ben+ Alex w/my theories of Danielle, Sayid +..wait for it…SHANNON!!!!!).

This is the reason Timeline B “Mrs. Hawking” told Desmond that “ he is not ready yet” is because it is only 2004!!
She is afraid if he starts to soon, it could mess things up.

So it will be a 3 year process of getting these people to meet, manipulating events, and convincing all of them that this is what must happen to preserve this vision of Time.

Kate will do it because she has nothing else. Hurley will do it because he is well, Hurley.
Jack will do it to save his son!!!!!!!!!

Now in Timeline A, Desmond has to convince all of the same players that a better world exists and that they have to sacrifice themselves here to prevent MIB from achieving his goals.
Sayid and Claire are too far gone, so they will die. Saywer, Richard, and Ben will become the heroes and sacrifice themselves to stop MIB.

With both plans working, timeline A+B will “merge” at this point.
the island will reappear as it bounces around time and space, keeping evil in check.
Jack, Hurley and Kate will became the new Jacob, Richard, and Mrs. Hawking of the island, keeping MIB contained.
Widmore and the sub people will become the new others and the island will continue to be the value that keeps the flow of time sealed.
Evil will be contained.

MIB will be defeated and prevented from achieving his goals.. and continue to be trapped on the island.

I believe we saw a foreshadowing to this in a scene from season 1 with Jack and Locke playing out the same scene as Jacob and MIB

But of course one would have to have faith to believe all that, because without you could get …


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