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i wrote this at 3am so i hope it makes sense
these are my thoughts/theories whatever u wanna call it

Locke will be defeated and stuck on the island dude to desmond killing or nearly killing him in the flash sideways.
eventually Locke will be killed yet once again.

Desmond will find the passengers of 815. All of our losties will have moments in the alt that will make them remember the island. Desmond is special because not only does he see or is aware of island knowledge while in the Alt, but my guess is he's also having flashes of Alt timeline while on the island. so by this he can tell whose good/bad light/dark. and if they are evil on island, he will bring them harm, pain, even death in the Alt. and the ppl on the side of jacob will be guided towards love and enlightenment, hurley, jack, jin sun etc.

Desmond is destined to be Jacob, if u look he's acting the same way jacob did in "the incident" visiting our losties and giving them a lil push e.i. jacobs meetings with hurley and jack. i think desmond will be stuck on island gladly with Locke in the end. Desmond =Jacob, Locke=MIB, Hurley =Richard/iland (he is the guide and the advisor to them all, and in "everybody loves hugo" he kept stressing the fact that "i'm protecting you" sounds similar to lines from richard/ilana.

and our beloved Jack will be the new Desmond. he has had wierd feelings more wierd than anyone else thus far in the alt, but not really knowing what he's feeling. he will be special and while everyone else live their lives, jack will be exempt from the rules and have power like desmond incase of emergency or something i havent fully thought that one thru yet.

and also, i predict that what we saw in the incident of Jacob visiting our Losties, were Jacob in another reality, he still was on the island at that time in his ilsand timeline, but he was also in the alt universe, with knowledge (like desmond) of whats goin on and exactly who he needs to visit. and he had the ability to stop something bad from happening to Locke, Sayid, and Sawyer, but chose not too, meaning these characters will have an unhappy ending, sorta like how desmond went after Locke with blood in his eyes heartless like jacob allowing nadia to be killed. he has his own manifest that he's visiting ppl from like desmond.
please leave your thoughts, i hope this is the winning ticket

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