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The Circle of Life by Christoph Hardt

I took a look at some of the episode titles and they all seem to foreshadow, that infact LOST might be a really big circle. For example: "The Circle of Life" or "There is no place like home" (in a circle) or "The beginning of the end" (in a circle every episode is the beginng and the end at the same time :D)

I have to admit that they already had loop-theories about the main characters before that. But once again I went through all the different transcripts for the episodes - especially season 1 - and I found multiple references to circle, iteration and loop.

So I collected all the evidence in a single video, which you can find here:

To make the long story short:

I think Lost is a really big circle-story. It always ends the same. There are so many clues indicating, that "history" will repeat itself, for example Desmond's son is named "Charlie" but looks totally like the younger version of Charles Widmore.

Or Juliette suddenly screaming at Ben "you knew that this would happen" - or Jack yelling in anger "I not gonna let him do this.. NOT AGAIN"

There are a lot of self-references too, for example in 6x12 Flocke tells Desmond that the people who build the hole did dig it with their hands, which could mean Locke and Boone in Season 1 digging the whole. Also in Season 1 this place made Sayid's compass go crazy.

I really think this is it and that we will soon see timetraveling again to make it all fit in the loop. Desmond is already in place to turn the wheel.

Greetings from Germany.


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