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After watching tuesday's episode. I have put together a theory that will raise a few eyebrows.

I believe that Jack and company will side with Locke and fight against Widmore and company. Desmond was cast into the well because MIB knows that HE IS THE CANDIDATE and is the only one who can convince everyone to realize that MIB needs to be stopped. I think that we can all conclude that since MIB already has 5 of the 6 people he needs (Jack, Hugo, Sayid, Sawyer and Kate) that would make JIN the last candidate that needs to be recruited. If Sun was truly the candidate then why would MIB go thru so much trouble to retrieve Jin?

The little boy that we see is actually MIB as a child. I believe that MIB is one of the dead people that cannot move on. He cannot move on because he died on the Island. I came to this conclusion when Michael told Hurley "I can't move on because I died here." I believe the island is a sort of Limbo, that is why dead people are able to interact with the living. If one of them ever makes it back to the living world, it world disrupt the balance of things and that is why there has to be a person to make sure that doesn't happen hence the need for "The Candidate".

Jacob brought people to the island to teach them to cherish life so that they do not linger on in death and become like MIB.

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