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Kwon, not Kwon by Quinn K. LaDuke

As I was watching yesterdays episode of lost, I came to a revelation about the the theories of the candidates. Specifically, which Kwon Jacob was referring to when he wrote the name on the cave wall. Kwon, as we all know, could either be Jin, Sun, or possibly even both. Some may argue that the identity of "Kwon" is not important because they do not think they will be the new "savior" or "guard" or etc. of the island, but, I disagree. In the scene where Sun and Jin are checking into the hotel in America, I discovered a little tid-bit that might clear up which Kwon Jacob may have been referring to. I forced my becoming increasingly frustrated father to pause the TV, rewind, and listen to the conversation between the receptionist and Sun and Jin again. After the receptionist states the single room for the two, Jin specifies that the two are NOT married and so must be in different rooms. Instead of Jin and Sun! KWON it is only JIN KWON and Sun Paik. Could this be what Jacob meant? The writers sure made sure to specify that in the alternate universe, Sun was NOT a Kwon. I do believe now after thinking this through, that Jin is the Kwon referred to on the cave wall. Does this make sense? Am I incorrect? Unknown. But I do think that Jacob meant Kwon, not Kwon. ;]

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