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Alternative Timeline is Reality by Esquire80

This theory comes from Voz and other sources who have speculated on the theory of LOST. The ALT timeline is extreemly important. I am just not sure exactly how. Based on past episodes such as "Flashes Before Your Eyes" and "The Constant", we know for sure that after Desmond was exposed to the EMP and the electrical issues surrounding the island, his conciousness moved to an ALT timeline when he was in the army, courting and dumping Penny, etc... Look at "Flashes Before Your Eyes" when Des flashed back to a part of the timeline that he already experienced. He tells his buddy who will win the soccer game and that a guy will come in whith a cricket stick and knock out the bartender (coincidentally, Desmond tried to interfere and got knocked out by the stick, sending him back to the island which proves, in part, Voz's theory about unconsiousness connecting the island world to the ALT). After Des dumped Penny, he g! oes to the bar in question, he orders a beer and says, "I'm celebrating, I just made the biggest mistake of my life and I feel like I made it before...." Same timeline, not an alternative universe. Des has been there and done that before one way or another.

Then Mrs. Hawking tries to interfere when Des tries to buy the ring. She says "No! You are not supposed to buy the ring and you walk out the door." Des looks at his reflection in the glass case displaying the rings. He says, "Screw you, I'll take it." Then Mrs. Hawking takes him outside and gives him a lecture about fate and how nothing can be changed.

Des also told Charlie that he was going to die. Des tried to step in and saved him repeatedly but Charlie "CHOSE" to sacrifice himself on the island for the sake of his friends in "Through the Looking Glass." Some things can't change, what happened, happened; dead is dead, or is it?

Things can change! What happened, happened only to some extent. Alas, we need to find a work-around for Dead is Dead. I do not believe in the parallel universe theory. The ONLY parallel universe in the show is the ISLAND that exists outside of time and space. Things that happen on island can change reality and visa versa but there are not multiple universes. The ALT timeline is extreemly important or the producers would not waste our time in the last season. It will be interesting how it all pulls together and I don't think we will be disappointed.

Look at all the inverse themes presented:

Destiny/Fate vs. free will/choice

whatever happened, happened and dead is dead vs. nothing is irreversible.

black v. white

science v. faith

you know the rules v. don't tell me what I can't do

prison v. freedom

Sadness cannot exist without happiness.

Death v. Life.

The whole show is an allegory about balance such as selfishness v. selflessness. Sacrifices will be made on the island to affect the real world/ALT timeline for better or worse. Remember the Island existis outside of space and time. Only the island exists outside of space and time. There are no parallel universes but what happens on island can bleed into the ALT timeline and visa versa.

As for Smokey and Jacob, I assume the show will give us the background but can't define how they fit in other than as team captains of the inverse ideas presented above. If Smokey gets free, then 1/2 of the above themes is wiped out and you always get science, sadness, whatever happened happened. Nobody can change and that would erase hummanity and turn everyone into unfeeling automatons. Unfortunately, Jacob or a candidate will have to keep Smokey imprisoned on the island to avoid this fate. Perhaps, Smokey and Jacob's mom was "mother nature", the unseen force in the universe that all religions tap into, heck if I know.

Another interesting point was that Flocke said all of the people on the wall that were not crossed out, in other words the "candidates" had to "go together". Another recapper insinuated that this does not mean leave together, but rather kill them all in one fell swoop, thus freeing Flocke/Smokey.

Watch Kwon closley in the future. Any parent would know they would do anything for their kid. He is very vulnerable to manipulation to do just about anything Widmore showed him the photos of his daughter. Jin will be a major player in bringing the island and ALT to a conclusion. Hopefully, it is a good one. But just like the inverse ideas on the island, Some characters have a happy ending and some sad. Some light and some dark. Depending on what side you pick you may be satisfied or unsatisfied. All we can do is enjoy the ride.

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