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Juliet's Constant by abenrod

This is my first theory. I'm pretty sure that this have been discussed already but I didn't see it posted as a theory.

In the final episode of season 5 we see Juliet exposed to the detonation of the hydrogen bomb. Before she dies she is able to talk with Sawyer and she pulls the infamous "go dutch" quote before passing away.

I think that the exposition to the detonation caused her to "displace" her to the alternate timeline. If you remember last episode "Happily Ever After", you will note that Desmond asks Wildmore "How long was I unconscious" (or something on the likes) with Wildmore saying that only was for a few seconds.

In those few seconds in which Juliet is about to die in Sawyer's arms, she may have found him in the alternate reality and even experienced what may have a "pre-date" scenario in which they will eventually be together again.

Once those few seconds have passed, she is back again asking "James?", looking for the man that she just saw. By finding him in both timelines, she has found her constant, allowing her to return back to the original timeline and die because of the detonation of the bomb.

Those few seconds before dying, indicates that she was able to experience was Des experienced in "Happily Ever After", even if it were for only a fragment of time.

That would also confirm that "it worked"

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