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I believe Jacob isn't as important as we give him credit for. I put it forward that he is just one of many selected candidates to do the job he does. MIB is the important factor of the show. He is why all of this happened. Jacob and MIB are NOT brothers, just people who have coexisted for a long time. MIB knows that Jacob is just doing a job and that their humanity is good vs. humanity is bad banter is just a way of them one-upping each other.

Jacob was passed on his 'power' (I hate using that term but it fits) by his predecessor, who was passed on his 'power' by his and so on, and this is what will become of the new Jacob, now Jacob is gone.

I believe I can explain Jacobs seeming careless antics.

-Why did he continuously bring people to the island knowing they might die as many have done before 815?

Because he knows that they will still exist in Alt reality and have a happy life which is something Desmond is going to put right (hence why he needs the flight manifest so he can introduce them to the people they should be with).

-Why did he seem to go about his work on island carefree?

Because in the Alt reality he has a happy life that he knows he is protecting by being and thus keeping MIB on-island.

-Why didn't he care about dying?

Because he believes he has found (or put the wheels in motion to find) a replacement candidate, much as he was. He grew tired of his role and believed he had contributed enough, now he can live his life happily in the Alt and let someone else continue.


It means that MIB is trapped in this reality on the island, away from the outside world. The island will continue to exist forever with candidate after candidate keeping him there. If the people on-island all die (as Richard said he saw them all do) then they will live their lives in the Alt universe happily...like Daniel.

-What is Desmond's sacrifice he has to do?

Die! And take everyone with him so they can be happy in the Alt universe (hence the, submerged island).

-What role does Jack play in all of this?

Ultimately he will decide that he must stay on the island and continue Jacob's work. As a man believing in science for 5 seasons but wanting to believe something else he will do this and be happy. He now has a meaning in life.

-How does the show end?

Everyone on the island dies because Desmond kills them all by doing something Electro Magnety. That's why Charles said YOU'RE THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN SURVIVE IT. He needs that person to put everyone on track after it, in the Alt. Jack and Lock will still, as they have always have been at loggerheads on the island, until Jack gets bored and finds a new Jack, who then finds a new Jack and so on. Everyone's life will be better, not perfect, but better. They will all be happy as most of them already are.

Lock has his wife and I bet near the end of the season when he and Jack are fighting in the Alt, Jack is fixing him.
Charlie will find Claire.
Sun and Jin will marry...aww!
Desmond will take sweaty Penny for that coffee and his new father-in law will be happily married to Eloise with their ALIVE children, etc.

Jack's sacrifice will be that where everyone is dying on-island to be with their happier lives, he will have to stay as his on-island consciousness, but Jack has always played the hero!

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