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Jughead Saved the World! by Sayid the Alligator

there is a show called LOST that I watch on Tuesdays.

in the episode LA_X, we see the magical island is underwater somehow. this is bad. we have since learned that the island (when intact) is a "cork" keeping incarnated evil contained. since the island is on the bottom of the ocean with barnacles all over it, we can probably assume that Jacob is already dead at this point. "THE INCIDENT" that daniel faraday describes (based on the notes from his journal) is what happens in the sideways timeline -- the drill hits a pocket of energy, and the energy erupts, and the cataclysmic force PULLS THE ISLAND DOWN beneath the surface -- much like we saw the Swan hatch get pulled down below the earth. it kills everybody on the island, including Jacob.

the MIB says, groovy, now i can leave this dumb island and stop listening to geronimo jackson all the time.

the evil smoke cloud has made it back the rest of the world to do his evil bidding. i agree with other theories that suggest that in sideways flash timeline will come to a nasty end, as a consequence of the evil black smoke escaping and causing the end of the world.

but Jacob predicts this event using the combination of a magic lighthouse, a time traveling island, and by reading the spoiler forum on DarkUFO. He starts recruiting people, and the two key people are BEN LINUS and DESMOND HUME.

Ben is like, 10 minutes old when Roger Linus meets Horace. this is not a coincidence. Ben is supposed to go to the island no matter what -- in both timelines, he goes there. Ben is extremely important because:

1. He kills the DI. jacob is sick and tired of them screwing up the island and letting polar bears walk around and take big dumps all over the place.

2. More importantly, Ben is responsible for getting Widmore kicked off the island. This starts a chain reaction that eventually leads to the Freighter of Doom coming to the island.


Jacob brings desmond for some important sub-reasons, but the most important trait jacob was looking for was a love-sick man of faith with nothing but the most brutal dedication to want to see his loved one once again. if you think about it, this is the only reason why desmond is so upset of being stuck on the island. anyways, the things desmond does:

1. Desmond inadvertently brings 815 to the island. those people will come in handy later...

2. Desmond turns the failsafe key. this is a cruical moment. it microwaves desmond just enough to where he can see ALTERNATE VERSIONS OF REALITY!! this is where the love-sick thing comes into play. desmond sees a flash of a helicopter coming to the island and brief image of penny. naturally, he wants this flash to happen. thus, he decides to ALLOW it to happen and thus CHANGES EVERYTHING every time he accepts / denies a flash.

so when naomi gets there, it leads to another chain of events that ends in the looking glass station being turned off. this brings the freighter into the picture. the freighter is the reason why benny linus moves the island. when the island moves, it goes through time. this was all part of jacob's plan! had the Oceanic Six not left, they would have jumped to 1977 eventually anyways, as their current task was to save the island for another 30 years at that point. get it?

short story long, they get to 1977 and Daniel Faraday gives jack the speech about destroying the hatch once and for all to reset everything. this is a very, very, very important decision for jack to make because if he doesnt do anything, the original (sideways) incident will re-occur and the island will sink, and smokey will be off knocking down mailboxes and pulling cat's tails and other evil agenda. however, jack has the strong urge to detonate the bomb! saying he's never felt so right about something before...

aka...HE's DOING THE RIGHT THING! Jack (with a little help from juliet) detonates the bomb, and it although it still blows SOME energy out of the pocket, it also prevents the drill from hitting the real core (as theorized by D. Faraday). the island is still there and Dharma must build the swan to vent the leak. this secures the loop that ensures desmond's flashes, brings the plane, etc. so the island -- and the world -- has been saved... this time!

the blast from jughead brings the losties back to where the island needs them to be -- Season 6! Notice how they re-appear just about the same moment when Jacob died? it's as if the island has summoned the candidates to protect it now that there is another threat at hand.

thanks for reading!

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