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Now that we know Richard's backstory we know what his purpose is on the island. Jacob gave him a job to contact those who Jacob brings to the island, because MiB started trying to influence them through direct contact. This makes me believe the initial rules may have been that neither Jacob nor MiB were allowed to directly influence the choices of those brought to the island, or perhaps the reason rules were made subsequently.

In the early parts of Lost we see MiB kill the pilot of flight 815. Later we learn that the pilot was not supposed to have been the pilot of the flight that day. This is the reason why MiB killed him, and more importantly was "allowed" to kill him.

We see MiB kill Eko after what appears to have been a test. This one is a little gray because I do not know for certain that Eko was never a candidate, but if my theory is correct he was not or MiB would not have been allowed to kill him due to the rules governing his "game" with Jacob.

We have seen other deaths at the hands of MiB. The vast majority of the Temple and the officers of the Black Rock in recent episodes. MiB needs Kate right now, but once she has served her purpose, "whatever happens to her happens."

We have recently learned that Widmore supports Jacob. It was in question before, at least to me. When we see Widmore ordering the death of infant Alex, it is presumably with guidance from Jacob or at least acceptable to him. We also saw Richard direct Ben to purge the Dharma Initiative.

What do all of these examples have in common? Those who met their demise either directly by MiB or through Jacob's wishes were not candidates. Some were not brought to the island by Jacob, such as the 815 pilot, and it seems need to be killed, or at least the rules allow them to be offed.

I believe there are rules that candidates cannot be killed, but those who were not meant to be no the island should not be allowed to influence those who are meant to be there. This would include births on the island. As a result, pregnant women die before they ever give birth.

For the same reason the pilot of 815 was killed, a newborn is not allowed to exist on the island to influence others.

Since in this theory the expectant mothers die and candidates cannot be killed, perhaps all candidates are male and Kwan is Jin. Conversely, perhaps Sun is the candidate and that is the reason why she did not die from childbirth. The birth was off the island, but as we have just seen, the child is greatly influencing Sun and surely Jin as we go forward.

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