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I have been thinking about how Jacob, Smoke Monster, and MIB are all realated and how the island is keeping them there. In the latest preview they say his sould has gone mad, but it probably went mad a long time ago because it wants to leave the island. My theory is this:

We will say Jacob was born on the island a long long time ago and was thought to be cursed becasue he had multiple personalities killing everyone on the island to be able to leave, but turns uot he cannot becasue the curse will not let him leave unless he is one. Jacob is the good half and MIB is the bad, and MIB cannot kill him because he cannot kill himself like all the other canidates cant kill themselves. The curse that was put on Jacob sepearted his two personalities which produced the black smoke which then went into the body of a current person on the island so we have two different entities, but ultimately Jacob and MIB are one. He just wants to leave the island and not have the responsibility of protecting it but the good Jacob side was told he had a job todo and will not leave until he can find a replacement.

Now that Flocke was able to find his loophole in finding a weak person to kill his other half he can finally leave, but I have a feeling that Jacob's soul is in a person who doesnt know it yet I think it's Jack and they will fight it out in the end. Black vs. White, Good vs. Evil, Science Vs. Faith.

I hope this is not the case becasue so many movies and shows twists have people being skitzos and I would like to see a more creative approach, but I think MIB and Jacob are 1 in the same but MIB will stop at nothing just to leave.

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