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I'm tired of seeing theories saying Desmond ran over Locke because he wanted him to have a near death experience to know about the island timeline.

Now, that may indeed happen. Locke may end up having a near death experience but not because that is what Desmond was trying to accomplish. If it does, then I would say that was the WRITER'S motivations for writing that scene. HOWEVER, you do NOT mow down someone in a wheelchair like Desmond did "hoping" he will survive and have a near death experience. It just doesn't happen. Desmond intended to KILL Locke.

The only exception I would allow that he was trying to give Locke a near death experience is if it were TRUE that ATL Locke CANNOT die and Desmond somehow knows this. It's possible that there may be some magical island property that is protecting Locke from dying in the ATL or maybe that Jacob touched
him in the ATL too BUT the only way Desmond would run him over like he did is if he somehow KNEW that Locke can't die in the ATL.

If this is the case, this is a VERY BIG mystery to me. How would Desmond know this and know it for sure? Maybe it is true but we have yet to know how or why. If it's Jacob or the island then how would Desmond even know Jacob touched Locke or that the island will keep ATL Locke alive? The much simpler answer, which is always what we strive for, is that Desmond intended to kill Locke.

I doubt we will find out Desmond's true motivation or if we do and it turns out to be what so many people are saying about giving him a near death experience then we won't find out why Locke can't die and this mystery will never be solved. Which is very disappointing to me because people will start mowing people down trying to give them near death experiences in real life. j/k

So what is Desmond's motivation, and why is that his motivation?


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