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-Why Jacob doesn't like people seeing him without an invite and why he never appeared to Ben.

-Jacob's actions towards Hurley now he is dead.

-What John Lock saw in season 1.

End Summary.

I think it's shaping up to be as many have theorised for a long time now and lost is going down the Jacob vs. MIB game being a test of humanity.

I think it's key to not consider Jacob 'good' and MIB 'bad'. Rather that's their outlook of humanity. Jacob believes that the human race do have good in them and they will chose the right path. MIB believes the opposite, that humans are corrupt and thus far he has proven to be right.


This I am certain of. Eloise and Charles it's fair to say were at one point if not in charge, very authoritative figure-heads amongst the others, and they acted on what Richard informed them. Charles obviously taking the 'wrong' actions and again proving MIB's theory (as did Ben to some degree but as he admitted where he did act in what he believed was the interest of the island, it wasn't always what was asked of him from Jacob).

The reason people are NOT allowed to visit Jacob is for the reason he said to Richard in Ab Aberto.

'No one ever comes in unless I invite them'.

He believes if people came to visit him or he visited them willy nilly, he would be influencing them and that would be unfair to the MIB. Stopping people from stealing because it's wrong isn't going to prove that they are good. They have to decide not to steal. Ben also proved that this is Jacob's reasoning in season 3 when John demanded to see Jacob and Ben told him,

'Jacob isn't a man you go see. Jacob is a man who summons you'.

He didn't ignore Ben because he didn't like Ben or he didn't believe Ben was 'good enough' which was ultimately what Ben believed and thus why he killed Jacob. He avoided contact with Ben because he didn't want to influence his decision. If he would have told Ben this before he stabbed him that by telling him he would influence him not to stab him.

My final point that I am unsure of is why does Jacob now directly influence Hurley now he's dead. He specifically tells Hurley what to do and how to do it which goes counter to my whole argument. Is that actually Jacob...I don't know, but we will find out I guess.

My final topic and the one thing that's always nagged me about lost since we saw the smoke monster for the first time and realised that it's not 'beautiful'. What did lock see way back in season 1?

'I've looked into the eye of this island...and what I saw, was beautiful'.

Doesn't sound like the smoke monster to me? I get that it was the writers way of showing us that John has a connection to the island. So what did he actually see?

Explanation 1 - I suppose one explanation would be that it was scanning him and he saw past events of his life that made him happy, but that also has his floors as up until the island his life pretty much sucked.

Explanation 2 - This one I believe to be more likely. The smoke monster was showing Lock what he wanted to see in order to influence him, much like it did when it 'judged' Ben in season 5. It showed Ben visions of things he had done wrong so he would think he was bad and then offered him a 'get out clause' by showing him Alex (someone who he loved and felt he owed and thus would listen too)and explained that if he follows Lock (MIB) and does all he requests of him, he will be forgiven.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the final hours of the show.

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