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I just was thinking about a couple inconsistencies that were in season 1 and wondering if way back then they were hinting at another universe.

The first one is when Johanna was drowning and Charlie said he didn't swim and then in the Through the Looking Glass he said he was a swimmer. Could it be that in one universe he was a swimmer and another one he wasn't?

The second one is inconsistencies with Claire's mother. In raised by another Thomas said something about her mother disowning her if she knew she was pregnant and when Claire's friend took her to the psychic her friend said she hadn't even told her mother like she was aware and could be spoken too, not like she was in a coma.

The third one is pretty small but Kate tells Locke that she is a vegetarian but she eats bacon in Australia, I know that's quite a stretch.

There are countless other inconsistencies, could some of these be hints as well?

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