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Fate and everything in between by Zoey Penolope

Sorry for the last post, this episode was a bit back and I have been thinking about it all. Sorry for spelling.

The Desmond and Hurley episodes. Finding love, and feeling something you never knew.
Some would say reincarnatin, others de-ja-vous, six degress of seperation or even fate.

Juilette says "it worked" just before she dies. I think she was seeing her life after, in the new time to see that her and sawyer find each other. Same goes for all the others. Desmond finds Penny, Hurley finds Libby. Daniel finds charlotte. John finds Helen. Fate is fate, and either way along the journey good or bad you will find that person you are meant or suppose to be with. Charlie will find Claire, they are probably in the same hospital and will meet and have that same feeling. Sayid will always have nadia, even after the "mugging" of his brother which will make them end up together. And Kate will have Jack, after something which requires medical attention. It all works they all end up together, and with the in betweens, such as Ben being a teacher with John, The Limo driver or Doctor to Desmond. Claire and her false labour, with Kate. Saywer and Miles, being partners in the police department. Daniel his mother and widmore being a actual family. Dr Chang, boon, Christe! n, Alex the student. They all are still in each others lives, which shows that fate is what it is. Some people are meant to know each other, some people are meant to be together, and some people are given chances to prove each other. You can live different lives, different ways, but you will always find each other if fate is fate, and meant to be. Friends lovers everything in between.

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