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Desmond. Vs. Smokie MIB by The Widmore Group

The calm before the storm. He serves a purpose there, and can handle electromytes, travel in time with his brain?

Smoke Monster can't get in when the sound barriers, or electro things are present.

Desmond is there, to keep the MIB from leaving. He cannot leave if a certin presence is on the island carrying a electro feild which surrounds the island preventing someone like the MIB to leave.

Desmond is a protector, from everything that has a magnetic pull, or electric current, which is why the island shifted through time when he left. Desmond was the stablizer to keep it intact. He's been sedated for days, who knows how long he has been sleeping on that sub or when Widmore's crew arrived.

The island has no magnetic pull without him, he know this. This is why he is calm. This will be the War, with the end is Desmond, and the MIB.Obviously evil will remain trapped. The dharma has tested all this in case it were to ever happen and Desmond is the one.

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