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I'm calling it now...Widmore's team is there to somehow resurrect Locke.

Remember it was Widmore who stated that "There's a war coming, and if you aren't there, the wrong side is going to win."

Well, Widmore is not aligned with MIB, so somehow, Locke being physically on the island has to mean something for Jacob's side.

And since everything is magic now anyway...why not? Why not bring back the one character who's absense is making the show DULL...you know, as long as you can bring Sayid back to life so he can stare blankly and be a one-dimensional zombie? And as long as you have magic mirrors in the lighthouse and magic ash and magic ghosts magically talking to people. Why not put some of that magic into something worth the effort?

Plus...the new character Zoe...the name means divine life. It's a New Testament word for those who experience the eternal life of the resurrected Christ. It has serious resurrection implications. I would much rather see the real Locke (not fake-universe Locke whom I just met for one episode) climb out of his grave and bring this boring season back to life! Resurrect season 6, John, only you can save us all from this uninspired insipidity!

Seriously, dead isn't dead on this show...not for Ben, not for Sayid, not for Mickiel, not when you've introduced this much magic. Sorry, "Dead is dead" hasn't been remotely established. So bring back Locke - the one who will save us all from this mind-numbing season! If Zoe does this, she'll be my 2nd favorite character!

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