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we all know the esau theory, ive got no new idea here.
however, what i would like to give you here,
are some pro-arguments to this theory from the bible IN HEBREW.

Ive seen many theories about MIB beeing Esau, but all miss some things..probably because..umm..well lets it got "lost in translation"
For instance, from lostpedia:

"The translation for "Jacob" in Hebrew is "he who holds by the heels". Jacob lives inside the foot of a statue"

Yes, that is true but, in the bible it is explained that jacob was given that name because when he was born HE HELD HIS TWIN BROTHERS HEEL AND WOULDNT LET GO.
Seems a bit more relevant doesnt it?

Also, Isaac, their father, asked to bless them before his death .he asked esau, his favourit son, to hunt a meal for him, a meal that would earn him the blessing. rebecca their mother, who LOVED JACOB MORE THE SHE LOVED ESAU, called jacob and told him to cheat his blind father to believe that he is esau, thus getting the better bless which is saved for the first born – esau.
When esau and isaac found out jacob stoled esau blessing, all isaac was left to bless esau with was:
"by thy sword shalt thou live and shalt serve thy brother and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion that thou shalt break his yoke off thy neck"
leaving esau promising in his heart, that someday, after isaac would die, he would kill Jacob.

Now, where the first part with the sword is pretty obvious, the second part was the interesting part which many rabbis tried to figure out through-out the years.
The conclusion was basicly that, isaac who could not take his bless back from jacob, Did find a way to break it..a...loophole shall we call it?

Isaac promised esau, that when "it shall come to pass" he would be free from Jacob.
"it shall come to pass" is a very bad translation to a very foggy sentence in the hebrew bible. however it has gained 2 reasonable, optional meanings:
1. when the israelis- sons of Jacob, would forget about their values and start to sin, then esau sons could take advantage of it, fight them and win.
2. when esau would "pass", travel from israel to some other place, he would be free from jacobs control.

see how it fits?
jacob holding MIB?
MIBs mother treating him badly?
MIB promising to kill Jacob?
MIBs freedom comes from jacob being MURDERD by benjamin (who is biblic jacobs son) and leaving the island to somewhere which isnt under jacobs control?

For conclusion, id like to translate to english, something in hebrew that i found in some site :

" the similarity between Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki, rabbi Nahmanides and Rabbi Abraham ben Meir ibn Ezra, is that all foresee a constant war between jacob and esau's offsprings that could last until there would be A NEW, DIFFERENT REALITY IN WHICH ESAU COULD BEAT JACOB. The change In reality would come from either an unexplained military strengthening in esaus army, or esaus repenting."

I highly recommend you the read the 3 first chapters from genesis starting where Isaac married rebbeca. The story of rebeccas painful pregnancy with the twins, explained to her by god as the beginning of a fight over control between 2 different factors, also fits very well the show.

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