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Widmore's plan by Willo

When Sawyer saw Widmore's team installing the pylons, he immediately assumed that Widmore wanted to kill the smoke monster. Widmore agrees to Sawyer's plan, creating some evidence that Widmore actually does have plans for Flocke... however I don't think that killing him is in the plans, if even possible.

Here's what we know:
- Widmore wants to control the island.
- Widmore is NOT on Team Jacob (via Bram's warning to Miles)
- Widmore was willing to kill everyone on the island to achieve his earlier plans.

Widmore's plan is not to kill the Smoke Monster. Widmore wants to lure the Flocke to Hydra island and, using the pylons, trap him there. This will allow Widmore to control the island without having to worry about the Smoke Monster interfering. This does not make Widmore a good guy, but just another bad guy with a different set of agenda. I think he will be proof that the enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

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