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After having read "Two Related Theories...Who are the good guys?....What is the Island? By Vincent" where the author states that both Jacob and MIB are bad and the only way they can get off the island is to find replacements, I am lead to believe that both Jacob and MIB are CON ARTISTS conspiring with each other. Vincent's theory further explains that in order to ensure their freedom from the island everyone who is not a potential replacement must be eliminated. IF this theory is plausible, I must believe they are excellent con artists duping us all. Here is why:

I think it is interesting the show introduced Sawyer as a con artist, and that his father was also duped by a conman. This scenario was introduced for a reason because LOST is trying to hint (as usual) that not everything is what it seems. The idea that Jacob represents good and MIB represents evil is false, and they have been conning their "followers" into believing this for some time now. Why? Because they are bound to the island and will do everything in their power to get off of it (I delve more into this later on). This similar theme is introduced to us when Desmond meets Kelvin Inman in a hazmat suit who takes him back to the hatch. Desmond watches as Kelvin inputs numbers into a computer claiming it will save the world. He also tells Desmond to inoculate himself with a vaccine every nine days, since he might be "infected". Kelvin will not let Desmond leave the hatch, but we later discover why this is the case (Kelvin was leaving the hatch everyday to fix his boa! t in hopes of escaping the island), and Kelvin was creating his replacement in Desmond. Hence, in order for Kelvin to be freed, he would need to find someone else to push the button. Desmond was conned.

Hence the two are forming an intricate game plan to escape the island. Since the only way they can leave the island is to find replacements, but eliminate the rest, they are strategizing to figure out the best way to accomplish this goal. Maybe they worked alone previously, but their plan to get off the island obviously failed...Their new solution: Create two camps – good and evil, gain the trust of their followers, pit Team Jacob and Team MIB against each other, make the followers believe they are fighting for a true cause. The outcome: Inhabitants kill each other off, except for the two replacements. Once they have their replacements they are free to leave the island. Some of you may ask well, why didn't Flocke let Claire murder Kate. I think that Flocke is undecided on whether Kate or Sawyer is his true replacement.

Finally, some people believe Jacob was murdered, but Like MIB who can take the form of other humans (FLocke), Jacob can also do the same. He is able to shape shift. Part of their intricate plot to pit everyone against each other was for people to think that Ben murdered Jacob. Jacob is far from dead though, but is alive in well in some other form. Their hope was that it would result in Ilana avenging his death and murdering Ben, or visa versa. We know this plan did not work out though and it will be interesting to see how Jacob and MIB react when they find out this is the case.

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