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Who will fill Jacobs role by P.Irish

Hello Folks

My Flatmate just recently put me onto this site so I cant believe I have missed so much debate and theorising about Lost. ANyway here are my views in light of the answers that have been forthcoming in season six.

Candidate for replacing Jacob.

If indeed Jacob is to be replaced then I think it will be inevitable that the Man in Black will also have to be replaced. The current MIB may indeed want to leave the island, but his position will need to be filled and/or the island will not let him leave. So I think that Jack will be the replacement for Jacob and Sawyer will be the replacement for MIB.

Jack in this season and past seasons has offered to sacrifice himself on a number of occasions. Most recently in the Blackrock with Richard, In the Temple with the pill. In the earlier season he told Kate to leave him on the island and never come back for him when he was operating on Ben. He has proven himself time and again to be a leader (his name is Sheppard afterall)and very driven in what he feels is the right thing for the group. In his role as a surgeon he regulary asks people to put their faith and trust in him. Be He himself is becoming more and more a man of faith and a believer that there is a bigger plan.

Sawyer on the other hand is the anti-jack in many ways. In his role as a conman he regulary asks people to put their faith and trust in him. Just as The MIB is the opposite of Jacob and a conman in his own right. Despite all the lovey dovey stuff with Kate and Juliet for a minute, and his heroics. He is historically self motivated and wreckless yet cunning. However, He too has sacrificed himself and not left the island even though he has expressed nothing but a desire to leave he jumped out of the helicopter and talked Juliet out of the sub to help the others. After he started working with the Dharma he was the Security guard much like the smoke monster is often referred to the security system of the island perhaps.

There are a number of reasons why Jack and Sawyer dislike each other. Juliet's two deaths ( not milking it of course) a recent example means that Sawyer HATES Jack. And Sawyers x-rated movie with Kate that Jack got to see I'm sure didnt make him feel great. Then Jack went and had som,e sort of relationship with Kate in the outsdie world. Either way Kate will come to feature as an issue between them again soon.

THey are also on opposite teams and Jack has been shown the working of the Lighthouse by Jacob and Sawyer has been shown the cave by MIB. Can we assume that Jacob and MIB are grooming the pair for the roles they know they are going to inherit?

I think the love triangle will play out with Kate sleeping with both Jack and Sawyer (at different times of course) and getting pregnant thus breaking the infertility curse or whatever on the island. Either way whatever the grand finale is, she will become the focal point of the dispute between the two guys and will possibly die or leave them on the island with nothing left but their hatred for each other fueling another eternal dispute between two men who cannot leave and cannot kill each other.

So thats my theory this week, it'll probably change after next weeks show but anyway I welcome your views and comments.

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