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Christian is on Jacobs side by Lost_Sam

Go back to season 4 where we see Michael on the freighter. In his flashback before the freighter and after getting off the island, he tries to kill himself but can't even with a loaded gun. We learned that people who have been touched by Jacob can't kill themselves and that must be why Michael can't kill himself.

So when we see him on the freighter he is doing this to redeem himself. In his very last scene before the freighter blows up we see Christian and he tells Michael "you can go now." In LA X part 2 the MIB says "I just want to go home", but it seemed obvious that he is trapped on the island.

If he is trapped and the theory that Christian was the MIB just in Christians body, then how was he on the freighter? The freighter was pretty far off the island. So I think Christian is/was working Jacob or even was Jacob. The only thing that could prove this wrong is when we see Claire in the cabin and she is with Christian. We now know that she was probably "infected" at this time.

Either way it's something to think about.

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